October 20, 2021

SHI 10.20.21 – Let the Good Times Roll!

Humans will forever face problems, obstacles and roadblocks.   No doubt.  They are endemic.  But make no mistake:   Economically speaking, these are the best of times.   […]
October 13, 2021

SHI 10.13.21 – Coming Soon: A Housing Crash?

No, not here in America.  Relax.   All good here.   China is the problem.  Here in the US, in spite of a record setting 18.1% Y-O-Y nationwide […]

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Terry Liebman is presently a Managing Partner of Liebman Group Advisors, LLC. For over 35 years Mr. Liebman has worked in debt and equity capital formation with a predominate focus in the area of investment real estate. As his business investments expanded beyond real property, so did his deep personal interest in finance and economics. Today Mr. Liebman remains both an active property and business investor, and avid student of the global financial markets, macroeconomics, behavioral economics and fascinating current-day events that catch his eye. Combining his math, physics and finance background, with his love for wine, art, and history, and the Steak House Index was born. This blog is the nexus of all these topics; of course, with a small dose of humor.