July 27, 2022

SHI 7.27.22 — So? Which Is It?

  The FED raised interest rates again today, intending to slow the expansion rate of our economy.   Earlier today, they raised rates by 75 basis […]
July 16, 2022

SHI 7.20.22 – Gone Fishing

  Not really, but I will be on vacation when July 20th rolls around.   I forgot to mention this fact in my last blog.   So […]
July 13, 2022

SHI 7.13.22 – Beatings will Stop when Morale Improves

  I’ve always smiled at this one.    It’s both funny and absurd at the same time.   Unless, of course, the “person” being beaten is the […]
July 6, 2022

SHI 7.6.22 – Treasury Yield Tops 15.8% !

  No joke … the 10-year Treasury yield rose to more than 15.8% …   … back in September of 1981.   That was the all-time high […]