November 13, 2019

SHI 11.13.19 King Consumer

Fortunately, this is one worry our consumption-fueled economy doesn’t have.  Because the American consumer continues to spend…as the latest GDP reading demonstrated. Of course, consumer spending […]
November 6, 2019

SHI 11.6.19 – Sputtering Along on 5-Cylinders

At least, this is true according to the internet.   And, as we all know, the internet only prints true stuff.  🙂 True or not, that’s […]
October 30, 2019

SHI 10.30.19 – Today is GDP Day!

Did you watch?  I did!   Riveting TV, to be sure!   Even if you missed its debut, I’m sure you’re curious about the number.   But before […]
October 23, 2019

SHI 10.23.19 – Watching A Rare Grilling

I suspect Mark Zuckerberg was feeling the heat — and wishing the temperature was right — when he testified earlier today at Congress.   Because his grilling […]