July 31, 2016

WSJ: Weakest Recover Since 1949

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal told us this expansion is the weakest in over 60 years. Hmmm…. Maybe it really IS that bad! Why You Should […]
July 29, 2016

Today’s GDP Results: It’s Really Not That Bad

Earlier today, the BEA released the “official” advance reading for the 2016: Q2 GDP number.   It was a disappointing 1.20%.    Ouch. Why You Should Care: […]
July 15, 2016

July 15 2016 Nowcast Update

Let’s check in and see what the various Nowcast models are predicting for 2016: Q2 GDP. Follow these links to see the NY and Atlanta FED […]
July 1, 2016

Nowcasting Update: July 1, 2106

First, permit me to say a quick ‘Bonjour!’ as I’m presently in Paris.  And I’m editing this BLOG on my iPad…this is a challenge! You have […]