November 2, 2022

SHI 11.2.22 — May You Live In Interesting Times (Part 6)

  Yes, I know.   I’ve used that ‘title’ many times before. But come on!   Economically speaking, these are “crazy times!”   In addition to our nutty […]
October 26, 2022

SHI 10.26.22 – The Fast, The Slow, and The Downright Sloth-Like

  Central banks spent most of last year telling us inflation would fade.   Quickly. No longer.   That message is as dead as Ye’s deal […]
October 7, 2022

SHI 10.5.22 – Chaos in the Kitchen

  Covid really screwed the restaurant business.    Here in the US, only a few business channels were harder hit during the pandemic.   Then, as Covid-effects […]
September 28, 2022

SHI 9.28.22 — Rhymes With Dread

Years ago, a TV show called “The Tonight Show” starred Johnny Carson.  For decades, he was a late-night comedy icon.  He used to do a “bit” […]