January 13, 2021

SHI 1.13.21: Buying Bits and Bytes of Bitcoin

Do you enjoy insane rollercoasters?   How do you feel about “rolling the dice” at the craps table?   Does profligate financial speculation get your blood pumping and […]
December 28, 2020

SHI 12.31.2020: The Death of Spontaneity

I had not planned to post another blog in 2020.   Then I came across this article from The Economist magazine.  It appeared in the Obituary section […]
December 23, 2020

SHI: 12/23/2020: Predictions for 2021

It’s a good thing I didn’t make 2020 predictions at the end of 2019.  🙂 I mean, who could have predicted these two moves in the […]
December 17, 2020

SHI 12.16.20: Piles and Piles of Cash

“The sky is falling!”  Chicken Little made the line famous.   It even became a syndrome!   Wikipedia defines the ‘Chicken Little syndrome’ as fearmongering, or “inferring catastrophic […]