May 23, 2018

SHI 5.23.18 Those Cracks I Mentioned?

I hate being ‘Debbie Downer’ from Saturday Night Live, but sometimes that’s my job as an economic blogger.  Sorry. The US economy looks pretty rosy right […]
May 16, 2018

SHI 5.16.18 Buying Steaks and Other Stuff

Another more official measurement is provided monthly by the US Census Bureau in a report called “Advance Monthly Sales for Retail and Food Services,” commonly referred […]
May 9, 2018

SHI 5.9.18 Americans are Working!

A 3.9% unemployment rate is a good thing!   This must mean many more Americans are working this month than last, right? Unfortunately, no.  In fact, when […]
May 2, 2018

SHI 5.2.18 Cracks in the Wall

  Economic cycles are, well, cyclical.   This will never change. Cycle length and amplitude are always variable, but new cycles always come and go.   Globally, […]